Sunday, September 17, 2023

I am moving country, so am changing my rates and payment methods


After almost 30 years in Malaysia, we're relocating to the UK.  I'll be offline for about a week sometime in October 2023, not yet sure of the exact dates. Also, as my bank account will change and my situation, my charges and payment methods are changing too. 
On 1st October 2023 my online counselling and psychotherapy rates will change to £35 per hour. This is the worldwide rate and will apply to all new clients, no matter where they live. 
Payment is over Wise and PayPal (international) or to my bank account in the UK if you’re in the UK.
If you are already my client and you live in Malaysia, you will maintain your super special discount until 1st January 2024 BUT after 1st October you will have to pay over Wise or PayPal.
If you are already my client and you pay in US$, payment increases to US$40 or £33 on 1st October which gives you a small discount of about 8-10% compared to new clients 🙂
I believe in affordable therapy, so I will maintain low rates. If you like a super bargain, contact me 😊