Saturday, October 15, 2022

Why I Offer A Free 15 Min Chat To Potential Therapy Clients

Target, senior executive office snoopervisor
Target, senior executive office snoopervisor

I offer a free 15 min chat to potential therapy clients for three reasons: 

1) we talk online, so we need to make sure the tech works for us,

2) you tell me very briefly what your goals are, so we can decide if it's something we can deal with in therapy (because amazingly, I'm not a super genius who is trained in everything!). Also, what if you don't like me?, and

3) so I can tell you how confidentiality works, including emergency care, etc etc.

I do this because many people have never spoken to a mental health professional. This way, you get the intro quickly and easily. It helps you make better decisions.

Yes, it costs me time which is money. But so what? It's 15 minutes. I consider it a bit of public service.  

If you ask me, it should be an industry standard.  It's on my list of Laws To Implement when I become Mistress of the Galaxy :-)

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